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Cloud Computing With Norton

Gadget security helps block programmers and Norton Secure VPN encourages you keep your online action hidden.

Security With Norton Setup

Norton Secure VPN helps block programmers from seeing what you do on the web, over open, or even home Wi-Fi.

Safety For Mobile Devices

Help block programmers from your gadgets, keep your online movement hidden and secure your character, across the board. It's rarely been simpler. 

Looking to safeguard your device, Norton is the way to go. Today, Norton offers the best security set up for diverse devices and software. If you spend more time on the internet but desirous to keep your system from hackers, get started with Luckily, Norton antivirus works on Phones, Tablets, Windows, and Mac computers.

Norton Antivirus Download, Install, and Activate

Reasons to Install Norton setup

The internet offers numerous benefits and plays an excellent role in our lives. From making purchases, financial transactions, storing data, to communication. Since our lives are dependent on the internet and computer, we also need a trusted and secure platform.

Computers and networks face several threats from people who try to manipulate the system. With an increase in the number of internet users, hackers also innovate ways to harm vulnerable users. Unfortunately, your browsers and OS alone cannot handle these attacks. To combat them and protect your network, install and activate

Norton comes equipped to continuously secure your system against localized and advanced cyber-attacks. Follow these steps to download and install the Norton setup.    

How to Download and Install

Here’s a guide to downloading Norton setup.


Step One (User Account)

  • Launch your web browser: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc.

  • Locate the address bar; then, type the URL

  • Now, the homepage opens

  • If you’re a new user, click create new.

  • Old users can hit on the sign-in button to continue

  • After creating your account and signing in, proceed to the ‘My Norton’ page

Step Two (My Norton Products)

  • Access your most recent Norton products and services

  • Go through each product description to know what suits your fancy

  • Select your preferred package

  • Choose a payment option and enter your details to complete the order

  • If successful, the Norton setup product key will arrive in your email box

  • Keep it safe

Step Three (Activation)

  • Return to the page

  • Navigate to the ‘My Norton’ page

  • Locate and tap on the ‘Enter product key’ icon

  • Copy and paste the Norton setup product key in the field

  • Wait for the download page to open

  • Now, you can confirm the selected subscription plan

Step Four (Download and Installation)

  • After reading the license agreement, tap on the download button

  • Copy and send the download link to your email address if you want to use it on another device

  • Wait for the download to complete; then, open the file on your device, follow the screen prompt to install.

After the general overview, let’s see how to install the setup on different devices.

How to Download and Install

Even after the introduction of smartphones, the PC is the main device used for major internet activities. Hence; it is more prone to cyber-attacks. Thankfully, Norton setup has the security features to fortify your system. Before you start, uninstall any existing antivirus software on your computer before installing

Installing on Windows computers

  1. Open your browser

  2. Type Norton com setup sign in or the URL

  3. Sign in to your Norton setup account

  4. Hit on the download button

  5. Check the license agreement before clicking the download

  6. Select the option per your browser

  7. Tap on the ‘Run’ icon 

  8. Now, the account control window opens

  9. Click on continue

  10. Visit page, sign in, choose your subscription plan

  11. After getting your Norton com setup, enter product key and hit on activate icon.

Installing on Mac computers

  1. Open your Safari browser

  2. Visit

  3. Complete the sign-in steps

  4. Tap on the download icon

  5. Go through the browser’s download folder

  6. Select the file and tap on it

  7. Click ‘Continue’

  8. Go to the ‘My Norton Account’ page

  9. Choose subscription

  10. Enter the 25 alphanumeric product key

  11. Follow the screen prompt to activate

How to Install on Mobile Devices

Use the steps below to secure your Android device from online threats.

Installing on your Android device

  1. Launch your Google Play Store App

  2. Type Norton on the store’s search bar

  3. Look for the term ‘Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus’ to avoid the mistake of downloading the wrong app

  4. Once you verify the app, hit on it

  5. Tap on the install icon

  6. Installation speed is dependent on your internet connection

  7. Once the installation is complete, enable or open the app

  8. Android users also receive a 30-day free trial service

  9. But that’s only for new accounts

  10. Note you can only use the free premium package after activating

  11. Locate the free trial icon at the top corner of your app’s screen

  12. Make sure you choose a paid option immediately to free trial ends

  13. Visit the official page – to get your product key

Installing on your iPhone and iPad devices

These steps will help you to install and activate the on your iOS devices.

  1. Enter the URL on your browser

  2. With your email and password, create a Norton setup account if you didn’t have one

  3. Skip that stage if you’re an existing user

  4. Click on the Norton com setup sign-in button

  5. Wait for the download option to come up

  6. Choose the app store download option

  7. Now, the system redirects you to the iOS store

  8. Tap on the ‘Get’ icon; then click install

  9. It takes a few seconds to complete the download and installation

  10. After the download is complete, launch the Norton setup app from the store or device’s screen

  11. Go through the license agreement page; then, click on the accept button

  12. Now, the subscription page opens

  13. Hit on the continue icon

  14. Create an account or sign in with your credentials

norton setup.png

Basic Icons in the Window

Check these helpful tabs on the main Norton setup web page:

  1. Security tab allows you to test and scan your network. It also enables you to update Norton, create security and firewall settings, etc.

  2. Internet Security protects you from various online threats like scams, viruses, and phishing.

  3. Backup keeps a record of the files that protects.

  4. Performance tab helps you to see and monitor the software’s activities and performance.

How to Setup a Norton Account?

Without the account, you cannot enjoy its security features. Besides, it is impossible to choose your subscription, download, or install the software. Quick steps to set up a Norton account include:

  1. Go to or type Norton setup

  2. Tap on the sign-in option

  3. Since you don’t have an existing account, you’ll receive the prompt to create

  4. Fill in your email and password

  5. Select your region

  6. Finally, tap on the ‘create an account’ button.