| Activate | Norton.Com/Setup Product Key, If you have recently purchased a Norton Com Setup Product from an online store or a retail store.

Then create an account on Norton, By visiting There you have to provide your login credentials and download the setup file from your web browser.

If you are an existing Norton account user, Then you can use it to buy a Norton product from the official website. To start the installation process, You have to log in to your Norton account and follow the installation process.

Norton offers a free thirty days trial pack to all new customers. In this period, You can use the product for thirty days. If you like the product post the trial period, you can purchase a subscription plan to continue with the premium features.

Downloading and Installation of A Step-by-step Guide

  • Open the web browser you use and visit the page

  • If you are a New User, Then you have to create a new account on Norton by clicking on the ‘Create Account’ button. Then you have to enter all the credentials as directed on the web page.

  • The account creation process is not mandatory If you are an Existing User. You can simply click the ‘Sign in’ button presents at the top right corner of the page, And enter the sign-in details.

  • Now that you have signed-in successfully– go to the ‘My Norton’ section. There you can find all the Norton products you have subscribed to recently. The page also displays all your previous order history in detail.

  • Then click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button. Doing this will open up a New Tab within your web browser. There you can see all the Norton Products plus the services each product offers.

  • In the description section of each product, you will find- the benefits of the product, the total time offered in the subscription pack, the numbers of devices you can use, and many more.

  • You are free to choose any one of the packages as per your preference. To ensure legitimacy, make sure you are purchasing from the Official Site of Norton by following the link

  • On the next page, you have to enter your credit card or debit card details to complete the purchase.

  • Once yo successfully purchased a subscription, you will get the Norton product key in your email account (the same mail you entered during sign in). You have to use the Norton product key to activate your product.

  • After you receive the product key, Once again, Visit the ‘My Norton’ page for activating the product.

  • To activate your product, click on the ‘Enter Product Key’ button and enter the Norton Product Key code, which you purchased, from

  • Once you successfully enter the product key, the web page will redirect itself to the download page. There you can see that your Norton Product is activated along with your preferred subscription plan mentioned below.

  • Before checking the ‘agree & download’ button, make sure to read the ‘terms and conditions’ displayed on the screen.

  • For downloading the Norton Product on someone else’s device, you can email the download link ( to the user. If you want to download the product on a different device of yours, then you can access your mail from that device and proceed with the download process.

  • Once you download the installation file on your device, you can open it up for starting the installation procedure. You can follow the instruction mentioned in the installation window and carry on with the process.

  • Important Note: The premium package comes pre-activated with the download file, so you do not have to use the code once again from In an unlikely manner, you can get help with office setup also.

Installing Norton on Android Mobile Devices

Android has a dedicated Mobile Security and Antivirus App for android mobiles and tablets. You should use this app to protect your essential files from cyber attacks, adware, malware, and other internet viruses.

The process below will help you install and activate the Norton App on your android device:

  • First, you have to open theGoogle Play Store app from your mobile. Then you have to search ‘Norton’ on the search bar. As you will find many other apps under Norton, it’s better to search the term, ‘Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus.’ You can also use the link in your iOS browser to download the app.

  • Once you saw the app icon, click on the ‘Install’ button and wait until it is fully installed.

  • As soon as the app gets installed, open it either by clicking the ‘open’ button from the play store, or open it manually by clicking on the dedicated Norton icon from your device.

  • Like windows, Android users also receive the privilege to use the free premium services for thirty days. However, The trial period is available only for first-time users.

  • You have to activate the free trial period after downloading the app from Click on the ‘Use Premium for 30 days’ option. You will find it at the top right corner of the app’s screen. Once the trial period ends, you can subscribe to the premium features directly from the app.

  • If you have used the premium features of Norton in the past and have exhausted your 30 days period, then you have to purchase the premium feature.

  • Alternatively, you can activate the Premium features through the ‘Redeem a subscription’ option. To get the Norton Product key for redeeming, you can purchase a subscription plan from an offline store or purchased it online at the official store-

  • To clear all your queries and other installation-related issues, you can visit the link. In this link, you will find all installation-related solutions and proper steps for a clean install.

  • You can also use the tech support hotline for instant solutions. The Norton professionals will systematically guide you through the installation process as well as solve all activation related issues.

Installing on PC

  • PCs are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security breaches since we use them to conduct our major browsing activities.

  • Norton Antivirus and Internet Security optimizes your system and safeguards your data by fortifying your PC with a secure firewall & 24X7 real-time internet safety.

  • The process below will help you install and activate the Norton Antivirus & Internet Security on your PC:

  • Before Installing Norton Antivirus & Internet Security, Kindly ensure you don’t have any other antivirus software running on your desktop, Or it can cause performance conflicts in the future.

  • If you have a software before Norton, You have to uninstall the other software before moving forward with the installation process. Moreover, You also have to check whether you already have an older version of Norton on your PC. If yes, then uninstall it using the Norton Removal Tool.

  • If you don’t have an active account on Norton, Then you need to create it first. In case you do have an existing Norton account, you can use your previous credentials to log in. Once you are logged in, a page stating ‘Get Started’ will appear on your browser. There you can notice an option to download Norton. If you have an unregistered Norton product key, you can click on the ‘register product’ button and type in the key to get it registered. Then you can proceed with the downloading process,

  • Once you click the ‘download Norton’ button, a license agreement page will appear on your screen. To initiate the download, you need to select ‘agree’ to the agreement.

Setting up

You can have more than one Norton product in your account. You can download the product of your choice by clicking on them while downloading from


Installing with Different Browsers IE, MS Edge

Internet Explorer & MS Edge Browser: Click run

Safari and Firefox- Look at the corner to your right, on the top for the download section. Double click on the downloaded file.

Chrome- To download for chrome, you need to take your cursor to the bottom left of your screen and double click on the downloaded file.

Once the ‘Setup’ file opens, you need to follow the rest of the instructions, which are visible on the screen. The instructions are there to assist you in completing the installation successfully and activating it on the system.

Installing on iPhone/IPad devices

The process below will help you install and activate the Norton Antivirus & Internet Security on your iPhone/iPad devices:

Open in your device browser. Then, you need to sign in in your active Norton account from your iOS device through entering your email address and password. Then click ‘sign-in.’ When the downloading option comes on the browser screen, click on the ‘download it from the app store.’ It will redirect you to the app store. There, you have to click the ‘Get’ button, then click on the ‘Install’ option. To launch the downloaded app, either open it directly from the store or by clicking the Norton app icon from your device’s screen.

Once you launch the app, a license agreement page will appear on your screen. Go through it properly before accepting it.

The ‘subscription required’ page will appear on the screen, click on ‘Continue.’

Enter your registered email address to sign-in the account. If you don’t have an account, you have to sign up for a new account.

Technical Support For

  • The technical team of Norton goes through rigorous training on a periodical basis. It enables Norton to offer on-the-spot solutions to customers. In case you bump on an issue (after or before) downloading from, you can reach the Norton Support team through the toll-free support number.

  • Below includes a wide range of services offered by Norton to all customers who face installation difficulties or any other queries related to Norton’s products and services.

  • The tech support is available 24X7 for customers in which they can resolve their queries regarding the download, installation, and activation of the Norton Product (

  • You can get all of your product-related problems solved at the tech support at a budget-friendly cost.

  • Problems with device compatibility are solved within minutes.

  • In case you face Norton Key Activation problems, you can resolve your problems. The support team offers on-time solutions and informs you of the reason causing the issue.

  • Compatibility issues related to operating systems are also quickly solved through tech support.

  • Know how to remove your old security software through the Norton removal tool.

Why your Device Need Norton Antivirus & Internet Security?

    • Computers play a tremendous role in everyone’s life. From ordering food to making a financial transaction abroad- we all need a secured device to conduct our crucial tasks. Apart from personal use, the need for computers has been deeply rooted in every business sector as well, making it an undeniable part of life.

    • The advantages of the internet and computers go way beyond human comprehension. However, some people continually try to bring down the good reputation of this stellar technology by manipulating the technology for their advantage. With the rise of computer usage, the hackers’ community has also geared up to exploit vulnerable users. Your system constantly battles with cyber-attacks, malware, and viruses, but sometimes it fails in extreme conditions.

    • The inbuilt security systems in browsers and OS can only ward off the regular cyber-attacks. Still, we cannot live under the misconception that conventional security settings are going to safeguard the system from unknown attacks. Advanced attacks like ransomware, bitcoin mining, etc. have come to light recently, and a massive number of systems were affected by it. This is why you need Norton 360 Security. Norton acts as an extra layer of security to your system and continuously protect it from unknown cyber attacks, securing your personal and professional data 24X7.

    • Downloading and Installing Norton 360 Security is simple. visit Sign in to Norton, follow the simple steps, and secure your system and devices within minutes.

System Requirements For

OS: Norton Antivirus and Internet Security work flawlessly on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. You can install Norton in your android and iOS devices. Its three-step process- detection, prevention, and removal keeps all cyber threats miles away from your system and devices.

  • Processor Speed: 1 GHz
  • RAM: For windows 10, you need at least 3 GB RAM. The recovery tool requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM.
  • For Windows 7 & 8, you need 1 GB RAM for 32-bit pc, and 2 GB for 64 bit Pc.
  • Hard Disk Space: 300 MB

  A proper install is essential to ensure adequate protection of your pc and mobile devices. Therefore, make sure you download the app from– the official site of Norton. The installation process is mention very clearly on the official website as well.

    Important Note: Norton Antivirus & Internet Security requires regular updates. Make sure you switch-on the auto-update feature on the app. You can install the update manually as well. You will receive instant notifications with every new update. Make sure to install & update your software as earliest as possible. | Install | Norton.Com/Setup Activate