Why is Norton the best Antivirus for your device?

Here is the complete description of Norton Products by Norton Com Setup or Norton.com/setup

Norton (Norton Setup) is one of the most reliable antivirus providers in the market. Norton.com/setup is delivering top-rated protection from mobile devices and computers. Norton has 3 antivirus packages, Norton Security Standard for about $40/year, Norton Security Deluxe for $40/year and Norton Security Premium for $60/year. The Antivirus Package protects one device and works on IOS, Windows, Android, and MAC. It includes real-time protection, virus, spyware, Malware and phishing protection. The Standard Package has the same features like the Antivirus Package plus secure pass protection ad additional protection option, smartphone and tablet protection and 100% virus free guarantee and with the Deluxe Package you can cover up to 5 devices and get the maximum protection from the Standard Package.


The Installation is super quick and takes just a couple of minutes. Norton.com/setup has the simple and modern outlook and the user can easily navigate with the four main sections: Security, Identity, Performance and More Norton. Security allows you to run scans Quick, Full or Custom to check the security status of your PC. You can start with a Quick Scan which takes about 10 minutes and checks the key areas of your computer.

If there are lots of issues found you need to perform a full system scan to examine your entire PC and the process can take up to an hour. If you want to dig deeper with the more aggressive approach? You can run the Norton Power Eraser to delete programs and files that might be harming your PC. It’s possible that Norton will remove some programs you actually need and in that case, you can always run it in undo mode to restore it.  Advanced features are designed for technicians or advanced users to run Reputation Scan, System Scan or Multi-Boot Scan and perform specific troubleshooting tasks.

Norton Insight feature determines which files need to scan further on and it also shows you a graphic representation of installed programs trusted level. With Norton, you are always in safe hands and you have access to detailed diagnostic reports which shows you key information about your devices operating system, hardware data, software info and installed programs. You can even export, print or email these reports which can be really helpful if you have issues with your PC and need to call a technician. If you want to see which actions Norton is performing during the day, the security history center will give you a detailed task list and inform you which files and programs have been marked under quarantine. Using the advanced feature of the program you can manually turn off some of the Norton basic settings like Sonar Protection, Email Protection or Identity Safe.

If You Wondering how Norton Com Setup can help your internet browsing experience check Identity protection. You have a vault account which is connecting you directly to the web with all browsers and creates a secure place for your passwords, credit cards, and billing info. Optimizing your Disk is also a great feature and it can improve your PC’s performance and reliability. Norton Setup checks your permanent disks for fragmentation and optimizes them if that’s necessary. Windows and Internet Explorer temporary files also make your PC slower and take up a lot of space, running a quick file clean up task will solve that. Norton Security Systems proves the quality of its antivirus products

Here are the main Pros:

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