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How to free space on your gadget utilizing Norton NU16?

Norton NU16
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Norton NU16 : The headway of innovation has favored individuals with the Internet, utilizing which you can seek, shop, send cash, and do every one of the errands. While perusing the web or downloading any document or picture, some undesirable records gets download naturally.  Named as garbage, impermanent, and store, these documents devours immense space on your gadgets. This outcomes in backing off the execution of your PC, high presentation of your PC to malware assaults, and issue of less memory space.

Norton NU16

Norton NU16 : To manage this, Norton has thought of the new item name Norton NU16 or Norton Utility, which is utility programming suit that are laid out in such an approach to help in examining, arranging, enhancing, and keeping up the PC. The present variant of Norton NU16 is for Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Through the Norton Utility 16, the free space choice enables the client to fade the free space on the chose determines or parcels. Look at the means as recorded underneath to get to the free space screen-

Select the ‘Advance’ alternative in the left route board.

Tap the ‘Clean your plates’ catch.

Select the ‘Free space’ tab.

Tap on the ‘Registration’ other than ‘Fade Free Space’ at the highest point of the screen.

You have to choose the drives, on which you need top fade space from the rundown showed.

Select the choice ‘Clean’.

Norton NU16 while cleaning will clean all the chose areas, which the client may have picked under the ‘Protection Guardian’ include and will go for erasing all the pertinent information documents and information.

Amid fading process in Norton NU16 (Available at, the cleaned information conveyed unrecoverable with the utilization of standard record recuperation techniques.

It would be ideal if you take note of The capacity additionally conveys erased information that are involving the free drive space unrecoverable by utilizing the standard document recuperation strategies. Besides, the areas or sub-segments stamp as ‘*’ must be gotten to in the wake of enlisting the downloaded variant of Norton Utilities. Select the catch ‘Spare’ to spare the choice for additionally use in the ensuing sessions.

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How to enact Norton Security Antivirus on your framework?

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Norton Security : Norton is a built up security programming Company, known for its administrations and the items which are appreciated by the clients’ far and wide. A look on the items that goes under Norton security antivirus are-

Norton Antispam.

Norton Ghost.

Norton Internet Security.

Norton 360 or Security suite.

Norton Security.

Norton Security as observed above is a result of Norton and gives membership based malware counteractive action and expulsion, to recognize burglary insurance and tuning instruments, separating of the email spam and phishing assurance.

Norton Security

Step by step instructions to actuate Norton-Security-Antivirus-on-your-framework

For using or appreciating the highlights of Norton Security Antivirus for your framework, you have to most importantly go for Norton setup-buy, download, introduce and actuate. Some of the time, the case might be that you have officially experienced the other setup phase of acquiring, introducing. Just you have to initiate Norton Security Antivirus for your framework through Norton item key.

For enacting the Norton items for your framework, you have to experience the means as specified beneath, deliberately

Open your Norton Security Antivirus on your framework.

Select Help, on the opening of the principle window.

Under Account Information, in the Help Center screen. Go for choosing Enter Product Key, to enter your right Norton setup item key.

In the wake of entering the Norton item key, select on the following catch.

It would be ideal if you take note of The Norton item key can be found in the enlisted email id or on Norton item CD or retailer’s card.

Presently, read and take after the on-screen directions.

Survey the Norton item membership points of interest, after that select done.

On the termination of 30 day free premium trial that has been introduced in the cell phone, naturally moves to the lite variant of Norton Mobile Security, which give not very many highlights.

To appreciate the full highlights of Norton Mobile Security, you have to buy it by signing in into Norton My Account. You can buy Norton Mobile security items through online and also disconnected mode. While acquiring through disconnected mode, you have to get it from the Norton retailer shop or Norton eStore.

You have to take after the beneath gave ventures to enacting Norton Mobile Security, when obtained through Norton retailer shop or Norton eStore, precisely

Visit the Norton Mobile Security site.

Select Register a Purchase.

In the Norton MyAccount page-

Pick Sign-in, in case you’re an individual from Norton family.

Pick Sign-off, on the off chance that you wish to be Norton new family.

Enter your Norton setup item scratch, by reclaiming your Norton retail card, which you have gotten while obtaining the item. Select Verify.

Praise! Your Norton Mobile Security item is actuated, effectively. Also, you can see your membership status on the Norton application ‘s Get Norton tab.


The most effective method to screen your Child’s Online Activities utilizing Norton Family Android Application

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Norton Family : Presently a-days, the web is a standout amongst the most critical necessities of the clients as it has made their significantly simpler than previously. For an occasion, the clients want to book the film tickets online as opposed to remaining in a line and numerous all the more such everyday life cases. Despite the fact that the life has turned out to be less demanding with the web, yet it has made the greatest test looked by the guardians i.e. kids insurance.

Norton Family

Norton Family

The guardians couldn’t prevent their youngster from utilizing the web however could keep an eye or screen their tyke’s online exercises and keep their entrance to the sites having the grown-up substance. To do as such, the clients need to introduce the Norton Setup of Norton Family item to their tyke’s and additionally to their Android gadget. For getting the Norton Setup to the gadget, get to the connection as

Before this, the clients or guardians need to characterize the house leads over their youngster’s gadget utilizing the Norton Setup. For getting the means for characterizing the Norton Family house rules, allude the help segment of the connection:

Ventures to see the reports of the tyke’s different online exercises utilizing the Norton Family Android Application are as per the following:

Web Activity Report: The Web Activity Report shows the reports identified with the sites got to by the kid clients. to see the web action report, take after the means point by point beneath:

Sign in to the Norton Family application inside the Parent Mode.

Here, tap the profile of the youngster for whom the guardians need to see the web exercises.

And after that, move to the “Action” board.

One this board, tap the “Sites” alternative alongside the day and age amid which the guardians need to see the web exercises.

Accordingly, the whole web movement reports will be shown on the screen.

Time Activity Report: The Time Activity report make a mindfulness in regards to the measure of time that has been gone through by their youngster with the gadget, every day.

To see the Time Activity report, the clients need to sign in to the Norton Family Android application in parent mode.

Select the tyke for whom the guardians want to see the time action report.

And after that, tap the “Action” board on the gadget.

Here, tap the “Time” choice.

Along these lines, the time action reports will be shown to the clients’ gadget.

Interpersonal interaction Activity Report: The Social Networking report enables the parent clients to see the kid’s informal communication exercises on surely understood sites like Google+ and additionally Facebook. To do as such, take after the means itemized beneath:

Most importantly, sign in to the Norton Family account in the parent mode.

And afterward, from the rundown of profiles, pick the profile of the youngster for whom the guardians wish to screen the Social Networking reports.

After this, take after the way as demonstrated as follows:

Action Tab >> Social alternative

Presently, select the day and age for from the time drop down menu, for which the guardians want to see the kid’s interpersonal interaction report.

And after that, tap the “Action” choice.

After this, hit the “View full discussion” connect.

Along these lines, the guardians will have the capacity to watch out the whole visit of their tyke with their companions.

(Vital Note: If the parent clients are not ready to get the movement reports of their tyke on their Norton Family Android application at that point, they may allude the get in touch with us area on the connection:

Area of the Child: The Norton Family likewise enables the guardians to keep a beware of their youngster’s area. For review the area of the tyke, the parent clients need to take after the means said beneath:

Sign in to the Norton Family Android application in parent mode.

And afterward, tap on to the tyke’s profile for which the parent clients need to see the area.

After this, tap the “area” choice.

Presently, simply play out the “Revive” process for refreshing the area status.

And after that, hit the area pointer to see the present area of the youngster.

(The guardians may zoom in or out the guide, by squeezing the ‘+’ or ‘- ‘ catch, separately.)

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Android AOSP Browser Bug Could Affect 75 Percent Of Users

Android AOSP Browser Bug Could Affect 75 Percent Of Users

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Android AOSP Browser Bug Could Affect 75 Percent Of Users

A new Android vulnerability, which could allow attackers to view open Web pages on the victim’s Android Web browser or hijack their online accounts, has recently been uncovered, and may impact an estimated 75 percent of android users.

Uncovered in early September, by security researcher, Ray Baloch, the Google Android Browser Same Origin Policy Security Bypass Vulnerability(CVE-2014-6041) reportedly affects any Android version below 4.4. The bug, found in the Android Open Source Project browser (or AOSP browser—a browser that Google no longer supports), could be exploited by an attacker, who finds a way of convincing an Android user to visit a malicious website. After exploiting the bug, an attacker could access Web pages that are open in other windows on the browser, or they could steal a copy of the user’s session cookie and hijack the session, which could allow the attacker to gain access to a user’s other information, such as an email account.

While Google has since released patches, found here and here, Google does not ship the AOSP browser on Android 4.4 KitKat devices, since replacing the app with Chrome. However, only 25 percent of Android device owners use Android 4.4 KitKat,which means that the vast majority of users could be vulnerable.

What to do if you’re in the “75%”:

  1. Avoid using your AOSP browser for any reason.
  2. Upgrade your browser to Google Chrome. Chrome users are not affected by this bug. If you cannot download Chrome, you will need to wait until device manufacturers and mobile carriers implement the patches into their own versions of the OS.
  3. Don’t click on suspicious links on your phone. If something looks fishy, or “too good to be true,” type in the URL manually, as many harmful links can appear “innocent” before you click.
  4. Keep an eye out for mobile product updates from Norton. The latest version of Norton Halt is available now to help you to detect these kinds of vulnerabilities on your device.

So far, there have been no reports or evidence that anyone has exploited this vulnerability, but, just to be on the safe side, be sure to follow the tips above to help keep your information private and secure.

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How to Better Protect Your Android Device When Using Mobile Banking Apps


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Ready or not, mobile banking apps for Android and other platforms are coming on fast. Android banking apps have gotten much more popular over the last six months as more banks officially sign on to support various forms of mobile banking, including mobile check deposit and much more. With mobile banking Android options proliferating fast, what do you need to know to make sure your device will be safe — not to mention your money?

Times are changing, and I’d even say that mobile security is one of the most important topics everyone should understand – so let’s find out more.

Why Are Android Banking Apps Such a Big Issue in Online Safety?

The public hasn’t exactly been fast to adopt mobile banking for Android or, really, mobile banking on any other platform. The reasons are clear: Wireless signals are easier for hackers to infiltrate than any type of traditional, wired transaction. This is true in a wide variety of situations and has a lot of people wondering whether they want to try mobile banking Android software at all. Is it really as dangerous as it might seem to be?

Well, the answer is both yes and no.

It’s true that wireless signals are, by their nature, easier to compromise. That said, it’s also true that many banks are looking to a future where branch services will be stripped down further and online services will be expanded … saving time and money by making it less necessary for customers to go to the bank.

Many banks are notorious for poor customer service, so banking customers really have a lot to gain from using mobile banking in various forms. But it’s no surprise that there are many people who are skeptical about this: A lot of the modern coverage we see about hackers has to do with wireless. So, is online banking safe? It depends on how you do it.

What You Need to Know to Stay Safe When Mobile Banking for Android

Just like when you’re surfing online and browsing your favorite sites, a lot of the power is in your hands when it comes to protecting your banking information online. First and foremost, remember that you can go online through your hard-wired, desktop connection to do your banking … if you are really uncomfortable with mobile banking, you don’t have to do it!

However, you can protect your mobile banking transactions in many ways:

Make Sure You Use Encryption

When you go online to do your banking, most of your transactions are protected by high-level encryption. Encryption uses complex mathematical methods to protect your data by making it impossible for hackers to read it while it’s “in transit.” Most modern browsers have built-in support for encryption. Make sure your Android operating system has the latest updates and that you are using the most up-to-date version of your bank’s mobile app. Don’t visit your bank using the built-in browser on your phone, which can be less safe.

Use Your 3G or 4G Connection, Not Wi-Fi, for Banking

Most modern smartphones come with support for both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. It’s not necessary that you understand all the differences between these: Just know that Wi-Fi is usually used in public spaces such as airports where you can’t access your “normal” 3G/4G. Wi-Fi access generally requires you to get a password, and is area-dependent – once you leave the building, business, or local area, you lose access to that Wi-Fi network. Become familiar with the difference between having your phone in Wi-Fi mode versus 3G/4G mode. Never use online banking while you’re connected to Wi-Fi, as it can be easier to hack than 3G/4G.

Only Access Your Bank Directly, Not Through Email or Other Messages

Many banks email their customers on a monthly basis to remind them about online statements for their credit cards or checking accounts. These are the only messages most people receive from their bank on a regular basis. Even if you get an email that seems to be from your bank, don’t click on any link or type in your password. Hackers often send out fake email messages warning that your account has been compromised and your password needs to be changed to get you to act before you think. Always visit your bank through its approved mobile app and contact customer service through the app to verify the authenticity of any email messages.

Security Resources of the Day

When it comes to mobile banking and mobile devices in general, you can never be too safe! Here are some resources I think will be useful for our blog visitors. Don’t forget, though, that if you don’t have Norton 360 for all your internet-enabled devices, you could still be leaving open some dangerous “back doors” hackers can use to compromise your banking data!

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