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Fight Computer Worms with Security Support Team

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Initially computer worms were not harmful. They only multiplied and did not alter functionality of the system. But with time, they carried payload. Payload is a piece of malicious code that can harm the system. It is often said, “Some computers have security software that make it impossible to hack into, and it’s the same with brains – some malfunction, and some, you can’t hack into them at all”. Norton Antivirus takes complete care of the security of our devices like PCs, MACs, Tablets and Phones – iOS and Android. Despite of being supreme quality security software, you may encounter some technical glitches or mishaps. All thanks to Norton Customer Service for making things efficient for the users. Let us find how these computer worms spread:-

  1. Email – Computer worms spreads through email spam. These computer worms usually find their hiding places in email attachments. They may also appear in simple documents or images. Once your system is infected, there are changes that computer worms may replicate themselves by sending mail to them and all other people in the contact list of your inbox. It is a good practice to download attachment from a known source. An unknown source is more prone to threats like computer worms.
  2. Vulnerabilities of the Operating system – There are vulnerabilities attached to various operating systems. Threats like computer worms take advantage of it. Thankfully we have security software.
  3. Using Instant Messaging Software – It is important to safeguard the devices from online chat services and social media sites as they are more prone to threats like computer worms. We must keep in mind to verify all the URLs before using them. Also one must beware of the attachments. Download via trusted contacts only and avoid the rest.
  4. Use of Smartphone’s – Smartphone’s have pros and cons. It is a good practice to use App store and Play store for downloading apps from genuine organizations only. Do not overload your smartphone with unnecessary apps, updates may be more prone to worms.

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